Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can Feature Points make you Money?

  So I have been Very interested in this app called Feature Points because of all the attention its getting lately and wanted to briefly talk about it. Feature Points is an app for the IOS or Android platform that lets the user accumulate points by trying out free apps. When the user reaches enough points he or she can then exchange those points for prizes. Prizes consist of paid apps, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Pay Pal gift cards and more.

 Not only does Feature Points Let you earn points for trying out apps, it also lets you earn 50% of the points from anyone you refer to the app. Tell a few of your friends about Feature Points and you will start earning 50% of there points. The more referrals, the more money in your Pay Pay account!

  So here's the big Question......

 Can Feature points really make you money?

 I am going to have to say Yes,  but its not that simple. 

 There are Two ways to make money with Feature Points that I know..... 

  1. Sit on your phone or tablet all day until you have pressed every offer and have bombarded your phone with useless apps. Usually Feature Points only has limited amount of offers a day and then you will have to wait for more. Unfortunately for me, I do not have hours of a day to waste just for 1 measly dollar. I would say a majority of you would agree with me and plus who wants to slow down there phone or be uninstalling apps all day? Not for me.
  2.   The second way to make money with Feature points that seems more realistic to me is Marketing it with Social media, YouTube, and blogs. In order to market Feature Points you would have to make sure people use your referral code but that alone can be very hard to do. If you were to search Feature Points on YouTube you would be over whelmed with the amount of videos promoting Feature Points. Not only are those videos poorly made, Everyone one of them is spammed with referral codes!
  So this comes to our next road block! What if you are not a good online marketer like 99.9%  of the failing marketers in the world? Unless you have a very intrigued YouTube audience like Chris Pirillo or have 1000's of Twitter followers and Facebook friends, How will you get people to download Feature Points and use your code??

 Well I am going to show you how I do it. So lets get started. First, Download Feature Points. If your on a mobile device Press Here.

Enter the code below when you first open the app to instantly get 50 Points! That Should definitely get you on your way to your first $5 Pay Pal card.

  50 Free Points Enter Code:   

    F T W O J 8

Start making "Real Money" with Feature Points

 Ok so now that we have got past the easy part, installed Feature Points and and got 50 Free Points with my code. Lets talk about how I really make money with Feature Points.

  The world of online marketing is a massive dog fight with millions of competition and very few have any success, that's the truth. Luckily I have found one of the best methods for marketing programs like Feature Points. 

  The best way to market Feature Points that I have found is by social media, Facebook to be specific, with creating multiple fan pages and obtaining thousands of likes on all of them. A good fan page with lots of likes can explode your marketing ventures without ever having to make YouTube videos or challenging websites. 

  By now you're thinking ok, but how do you make a Facebook fan page that gets thousands of likes??? I was thinking the same thing when I first started out and then I Came across Hyper Facebook Traffic. With out Hyper Facebook Traffic I would of been lost and had no success with marketing feature points. Hyper Facebook Traffic is an online course to teach people like you and I how to increase traffic to your Affiliate links and make money with your Facebook account!

  I highly recommend Hyper Facebook Traffic to anyone wanting to market Feature Points or any affiliate link without the hassle of ever having to build a website or upload YouTube videos. Definitely a great investment especially with the amount of money you can make with Feature Points. So if you wanna snatch up 1000's of referrals with Feature Points and make real money, go check it out!

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